石谷 貴之

Takayuki Ishitani embarked on the path of becoming a barista in 2006, and launched his independent activities as TAKA ISHITANI in 2012. He is involved in a wide range of activities, including directing coffee shop operations, barista training, coffee service at events, and hosting seminars.

He has also undertaken menu consulting for companies, and in recent years his activities have diversified to include developing coffee ice cream and appearing in commercials.

Since May 2022, he has been a collaborative partner with the SG Group, which plans and operates new conceptual bars both domestically and internationally. In this capacity, he is involved in the planning and operation of "æ (ash) [zero-waste café & bar]".

At the WORLD BARISTA CHAMPIONSHIP held in Melbourne, Australia in 2022, he placed 4th in the world.

At the JAPAN BARISTA CHAMPIONSHIP, he won his third national championship, and at the WORLD BARISTA CHAMPIONSHIP 2024 held in Busan, South Korea, he placed third.

■Main competition results
Japan Barista Championship
  • 2007年:6th place
  • 2008:5th place
  • 2008-09:3rd place
  • 2009:Runner-up
  • 2010:12th place
  • 2011:7th place
  • 2012:Runner-up
  • 2013:3rd place
  • 2014:4th place
  • 2015:Runner-up
  • 2016:3rd place
  • 2017:Winner
  • 2018:Runner-up
  • 2019:Winner
  • 2023:Winner

World Barista Championship
  • 2018: 11th.
  • 2022: 4th place.
  • 2024: 3rd place